Staying Safe Around Dogs Top Tips

Posted : Friday 22nd March 2013

1. Teach your children not to approach a strange dog that is tied up.

2. Make sure that you ask the owner before you touch or approach a strange dog.

3. Give strange dogs their space.

4. Make sure that your children never tease your dog.

5. Don’t play too roughly with your dog.

6. Ensure that your children know that if your dog is ill, injured or asleep that they should not be disturbed.

7. Don’t leave younger children unattended with your dog or anyone else’s for any reason.

8. Always stay calm around a dog that is acting defensively or aggressively.

9. Don’t turn your back on a dog that is acting aggressively.

10. Scared or nervous dogs can nip or bite from fear.

11. If a dog is acting aggressively or appears to be considering an attack, try to put something else between you and the dog’s approach; whether that is an item of furniture, your bag, or anything else, it may help to shield you from a potential bite.

12. Never try to take food away from a dog you don’t know.

13. If you are physically much larger than a dog that you are attempting to connect with, consider crouching down to make yourself appear less threatening.

14. If a dog is muzzled, remember that this may indicate aggressive or defensive tendencies.

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